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Learn Sofrut Online

Learning Sofrut is a special journey into the heart of Jewish Emuna and Mesora.
This art isn't just about learning to write well; it's a deep and enriching Avoda. When you write Torah scrolls, Tefillin, or Mezuzot, you're doing something very meaningful for yourself and your Kehilla. Each letter you write is a way to pray and reflect on what's divine and sacred in your life. By taking up this craft, you become part of a long history of Mesora, keeping it alive and strong with every letter you create.

Becoming a Sofer Stam brings a unique joy that goes beyond the simple act of writing. It is the joy of connecting with Klal Yisrael in a very personal and profound way. Each time you form a letter, you participate in the preservation of a sacred heritage, feeling the weight and warmth of centuries of tradition flowing through your Kulmus.
This craft offers a peaceful, meditative practice that will enrich your spiritual life, giving you so many moments of deep reflection and connection to Hashem. The happiness found in the work a Sofer Stam will come from knowing that your work helps to maintain the vibrancy and continuity of Mesora, making each letter you inscribe a celebration of faith and community.

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תשלום בהעברה
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